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Gobbolino and the little wooden horse
Gobbolino and the little wooden horse
Gobbolino and the little wooden horse

The Further Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Woden Horse (Signed copy)

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Illustrated by Catherine Rayner and Written by Ursula Moray Williams

When Gobbolino receives his sister Sootica's call for help he leaves his comfortable new life as a kitchen cat and sets off for the Hurricane Mountains, home of the old witch with whom his sister lives. 

On the way he meets the Little Wooden Horse, who offers to accompany him on his journey. It's just the beginning of many exciting, magical and sometimes dangerous adventures for these two brave and kind-hearted friends. 

With gorgeous illustrations inside, you can't help but fall in love all over again with these classic childhood characters from Ursula Moray Williams. Publishing in time for the seventy-fifth anniversary of Gobbolino the Witch's Cat, don't miss this magical adventure from our favourite kitten and his friend, the Little Wooden Horse.

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