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'The Dog Show' exhibition at Sarah Wiseman Gallery

I am very happy to announce my upcoming solo exhibition, 'The Dog Show', at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery!

I have always loved dogs - I wrote 'Smelly Louie' about the kind of dog we all love in spite of their rather smelly flaws! Since then, I have become a dog owner myself - to Otto the miniature Dachsund - and I think this selection of dogs will make a great exhibition. The variety of breeds, sizes, expressions, colours and textures are perfect fodder for an artist, not to mention the unique relationships they have with their owners! 

I am really enjoying working on these pieces  I hope the works will reflect all the weird and wonderful ways we love our dogs and act as a celebration of man's best friend.

Of course, the Sarah Wiseman Gallery is dog friendly - so I hope to see some of you and your furry friends there!

'The Dog Show' will be at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery from 7-28 May 2022

Sarah Wiseman Gallery will prepare a fully illustrated e-catalogue featuring all available works and texts about the artist. If you'd like to receive one, email the gallery at to request a link.  


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