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Otters Screenprint - 'Hope and Avery'

Otters Screenprint - 'Hope and Avery'

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I am SO excited to share otters Hope and Avery' with you.

I had been taking a (lockdown enforced!) break from screen-printing, so these are some of my first new prints in three WHOLE years!

Hope and Avery’ is an original, variable edition hand made silk screen print featuring two swimming otters. My screen prints are made by printing ink through a series of hand made stencils. This is an original piece of artwork and the term ‘print’ refers only to the way in which I applied ink to the paper.

Every 'print' in each edition that I make has different colours running through it, hence the term ‘variable edition’. This is one of the reasons why they have become highly collectable. I only make very small editions of each of my ‘prints’ and every one is unique and takes a very long time to make. I use high quality metallic inks which reflect light beautifully and inky details are added by hand.

As each piece is original, the ‘print’ you receive will vary slightly from the image shown.

You can find more about how I make my silk screen prints here.

Medium: Original Silk Screen Print (variable edition)
Edition size: 29

This artwork is unframed

Dimensions: 67.5 x 67.5cm

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